!أنشر لأصدقائك
ruth crilly and nadine baggott

Goodness me, this is a naughty one! I’m afraid those who are on the sensitive side should probably give this video with Nadine Baggott a miss – not only do we launch into an in-depth discussion about pubic hair preferences, Nadine introduces me to Scrotox.

Not literally, because I don’t have a scrotum (also I think that a video showing botox on a man’s genitalia might get flagged up as inappropriate) but in the sense that I was once blissfully unaware that this procedure existed and now I am not.

Why, oh why would you try and uncrease a part of your body that is so creased and wrinkly? It’s like trying to smooth out an elephant’s trunk or iron used tissue paper: once wrinkly, always wrinkly. Also, who is honestly staring at that particular man part and wondering whether it would look better a bit smoother? Like a ripe plum, perhaps (pair of), or an ostrich egg.

(Oh my God, I’ve just Google-Imaged an ostrich egg. They are absolutely ginormous. You wouldn’t want two of those hanging about in your pants, regardless of how pleasingly smooth.)

Anyway, Nadine and I do get around to the subject of skincare in this video (via Jamie Dornan and burger baps) so it’s a nice one to sit down and make mental notes on, even if you don’t want the (borderline x-rated) banter. Share, like, leave a comment – let me know what you’d like me to film with Nadine next time. The most requested thing is a person – Caroline – but she’s harder to pin down than a moth at a disco.