Richest Celebrities And The Extravagant Ways They Spend Their Money

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Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift doesn’t need an introduction.

The singer that went from country to pop and straight to the top of the charts amassed an impressive fortune exploiting her voice and catchy stage antics. We dusted our accounting skills and did the math – the 28-year-old has around $380 million for her to splurge on whatever she pleases.

The good news is that the “Bad Blood” star is rather tempered when making ostentatious purchases.
Instead, she prefers real estate investments.

What draws the eye is a $17 million seaside Rhode Island mansion that is simply surreal. Swift brought a big bag with her and reportedly paid in cash.

Not surprisingly, she didn’t stop there. Swift confirmed once more her status as top-earning celeb by blowing $55 million on a block of apartments in New York City.

By far the biggest black hole in Taylor’s budget is caused by the people that form her crew. When you party with the kinds of Cara Delavigne, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez going for the cheap next-door pub is simply not an option.

Taylor Swift

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