How to Achieve the Perfect 80s-Inspired Hairstyle

Achieve the Perfect 80s-Inspired Hairstyle with Tips from a Professional Stylist
Are you looking to revive your look with a classic 80s-inspired hairstyle? We can help you make the best possible decision for your individual style. Whether you want to rock the big, voluminous hair created by products like mousse, hairspray and perms, or something a bit more subtle, like the signature side part, there is something for everyone. Here are some professional tips from a stylist that will ensure you look your best.

1. Start With The Right Haircut
It all starts with the right haircut. This is especially important if you’re aiming for the big 1980s style. Short, medium, and long hair can all be styled in an 80s fashion, but the right cut can help make it more successful. When it comes to styling, a layered cut is best to achieve the desired look. Have your stylist cut layers of varying lengths into your hair to help create the perfect 80s look.

2. Use Quality Hair Products
When creating the perfect 80s hairstyle, the right products are essential. We recommend using quality products to help give your hair definition, volume and the desired hold. Choose products that can help create the look you want. For example, mousse is great for achieving volume, hairspray will help set your style in place, and a styling cream is perfect for providing softness, definition and hold.

3. Use the Right Styling Techniques
Achieving the perfect 80s hairstyle requires more than just buying the right products. Learning the proper styling techniques is also key to creating a look that lasts. Three essential techniques for an 80s hairstyle are backcombing, finger pushing, and rolling.

Backcombing is the most popular technique used to create big hair. It involves using a brush to brush the top layer of your hair back in a very dense manner. This creates texture, volume and hold.

Finger pushing involves using your fingers to push and mold the styled section of your hair in the desired direction. This technique is great for creating a polished, finished look.

Rolling is another great technique used to create the desired look. You can use the same rolling technique used for perms, by wrapping the hair around large and small rollers to create curls.

4. Choose the Right Accessories
Accessories can add the finishing touches to your perfect 80s hairstyle. Adding bows, clips and headbands show off your individual style. Pick accessories that work with the style you are going for, while also representing your personality.

Following these tips from a professional stylist will ensure you achieve your desired look. With the right tools and know-how, you can rock any hair type in an 80s-inspired style. So go ahead, show off your unique style and get ready to rock the 80s look!

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