10 Essential Qualities Needed To Secure A Government Job


Government jobs are a great way for college graduates to gain job stability and benefit from the advantages that only government positions can provide. Unfortunately, many applicants are intimidated by government job postings because of the qualifications and competitiveness of the positions. But with the right approach and the necessary skills, even a recent college graduate can leverage their potential and seize their dream job in the government. To demystify the process, this article explores the benefits of pursuing a career in the public sector, looks into 10 essential qualities needed to secure a government job, and looks at some of the trends showing an increase in government jobs over the last decade.

The Benefits of Government Jobs for Recent College Graduates

The government sector offers a variety of benefits that private sector jobs cannot. This includes job stability and an opportunity to further develop skills such as communication, decision-making and problem-solving. Other benefits include a competitive salary, paid vacations, excellent health and welfare benefits, and a strong retirement plan. Government jobs also have the added advantage of making a positive impact on the community, as well as providing a clear opportunity for career advancement. These are just a few of the key advantages that make government jobs so attractive to recent college graduates.

10 Essential Qualities Needed to Secure a Government Job

No matter what qualifications an applicant possesses, several qualities are essential for securing a government job. Applicants should demonstrate an understanding of the job, a willingness to challenge themselves, a professional and organized approach to job seeking, an understanding of the different branches and levels of government, a basic knowledge of government regulations, and a clear understanding of the responsibilities associated with the job. Additionally, a strong commitment to team-building and the ability to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, as well as exceptional communication and presentation skills, will all be seen favourably by employers.

A deep understanding of the roles and duties associated with a potential job should also be demonstrated. Having a deep understanding of the job scope, including the various roles and functions, is essential in order to thrive in the role. Furthermore, communication skills in both written and spoken formats are essential.

Trends Showing An Increase In Government Jobs Over The Last Decade

Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows a steady increase in government jobs over the last decade, with notable rises in the fields of healthcare and education. According to the BLS, healthcare and social assistance had the highest growth rate, at 60.6%. In 2019, this sector had over 1 million job openings in the public sector, with the largest gains in health practitioner and technical positions.

Meanwhile, education has also seen rapid growth in government jobs, with a growth rate of 37.3%. This sector had over 600,000 job openings in 2019, primarily in elementary and secondary teaching positions. These trends have been consistent over the last decade, with government jobs continuing to be one of the most stable and attractive options for recent college graduates.


Government jobs offer college graduates the opportunity to develop their skills, secure a competitive salary and job stability, and make a difference in the community. With the right approach and the necessary qualifications, recent college graduates can leverage these benefits and successfully secure a job in the public sector. This article explored the advantages of government jobs for college graduates, looked into 10 essential qualities needed to secure a government job, and looked at some of the recent trends over the last decade showing an increase in government jobs. With more and more openings in the healthcare and education sectors, graduates should be especially encouraged to pursue job opportunities in the public sector.

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