10 Simple Hairstyling Tricks That’ll Make You Look at Least 5 Years Younger


Wearing a center parting adds strictness to your looks, making you visibly older. We advise you to use different options. For instance, parting your locks to one side will make your eyes look larger and more expressive. Try experimenting by combing your hair back or styling it in a zigzag fashion. This will both soften your image and add volume.

Everyday styling

Both perfectly straight hair and excessively tight hairdos can add a few years to your appearance. If you wear a ponytail, make sure to leave a few loose strands at the sides of your face, and don’t tighten the curls too much. On the other hand, if you’re wearing your hair loose, we recommend you create an impression of careless ease by slightly curling your locks. Those who prefer to wear their hair straight should consider adding a slight touch of chaos to their styling by using asymmetrical haircuts, combined with a few accentuated, waxed, rugged-looking locks.

Evening hairdos

When preparing to go out for the evening, say no to backcombing, perfectly fixed strands, raised hairdos, and retro-type styling. As with any other kinds of hairdos, an evening hairdo should always look natural. Moreover, you can add a playful touch now and then – something along the lines of Amy Adams, who risked wearing braids to an important social occasion and only gained by this decision!

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