12 Best Roofing Materials to Consider for Your House

Wood Shingle or Shakes

Wood roofs are very attractive, but they’re also quite expensive and have limitations. they’re not particularly long-lived, and that they are a poor choice in areas that get much moisture or where wildfires are a danger. Still, they’re among the foremost attractions of all roofing materials, which makes them a well-liked choice for luxury homes.

Although both are made up of natural wood, usually cedar (typically found on Cape Cod-style homes) or redwood, there’s a difference between wood shakes and shingles. Shingles are typically thin, wedge-shaped slabs of wood that are produced by precise sawing. Shakes are produced by splitting wood and that they are thicker wedges with a rougher texture.

Shingles typically cost about $4.50 to $9 per sq ft, installed; shakes are costlier, with average costs of $6.50 to $11 per sq ft , installed. Longevity depends considerably on circumstances and maintenance. In relatively dry climates a wood shingle or shake roof can last 60 years; in damp conditions, you’ll only get 20 years from the roof.

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