24 Etiquette Rules Every Lady Must Know

Public cloakrooms

  • If the place you are visiting doesn’t have a cloakroom, put your clothes on special hangers inside.
  • It’s ok to fix your hair in the cloakroom, but you shouldn’t do your makeup, brush your hair, or tie your tie. Go to the bathroom if you need to do something like that.
  • Sometimes it’s ok for women (but not for men) to wear a coat inside.
  • All large items should be left in a cloakroom: umbrellas, huge bags, briefcases (if there is nothing valuable inside). The only exception is a lady’s purse.

Car etiquette

  • When a lady gets into a car, she shouldn’t “step“ into it. She should sit on the edge of the seat and ”pull” her legs into the car. When getting out of the car, she should put her feet on the road and then stand up.

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