A Newfound Dog Story: How a Loyal Canine Traveled 15 Miles to be Reunited with Her Old Shelter


Many people have stories to tell about their loyal canine companions, and the story of a newfound pup is no exception. This is about a nine-year-old chihuahua dog, who traveled over 15 miles just to be reunited with her old shelter, and then ended up with her new forever home. This blog post gives us a greater appreciation and admiration for our lovable four-legged friends.

A Newfound Dog Story

This story starts off as an unlikely one. A nine-year-old Chihuahua referred to as Mabel, ended up all alone in an animal shelter that was miles away from her home. Although she originally came from another home, Mabel still roamed the area, dreaming of reuniting with her old family.

However, one day the shelter staff noticed that Mabel was missing. After spending hours searching for her, the staff eventually gave up, figuring she had either been picked up by another family or had finally returned home.

That was until five days later when Mabel walked back into the shelter. The staff couldn’t believe it; Mabel had traveled over 15 miles, across two cities and a mountain range, just to be reunited with the shelter staff and the home she once knew.

Shelter staff quickly noticed the long journey had taken its toll on the pup, and with no leads on where Mabel had been during the five-day absence, the shelter decided to give her a wellness check-up. The vet determined that Mabel was in a surprisingly good health. The only signs of strain were her tired and clearly worn paw pads.

In the end, the shelter staff completely understood why Mabel had traveled so many miles – she’d been determined to get back.

The Reuniting and the Eternal Bond

For Mabel, it seemed the impossible had been achieved. Dreams of love, comfort and happy days had come true- she was back with a warm, caring family who adored her. But the journey didn’t end here, as the staff had to figure out who Mabel belonged to.

Multiple inquiries were made, but unfortunately, Mabel’s home never responded. The shelter was determined for Mabel to have a happy ending and soon, an interested family came to visit her.

This family saw what an amazing dog Mabel was and with no options left, the family decided to adopt Mabel and provide her with a loving, safe forever home.

Mabel’s travel story was a miracle and a successful tale of the never-ending bond between humans and animals.


Mabel’s story helps us to understand how devoted, determined and affectionate our pets can be. Her tale proves that regardless of how far one has to travel, a loyal canine will never give up on finding their families. This newfound pup story is a reminder that no matter the distance, a pet’s love will never be forgotten.

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