How the Success of TikTok is Shaking Up the Social Media Landscape.


The Social Media landscape is constantly changing, progressing with the help of new trends and advances in technology. Recently, the newest social media platform, TikTok, has been causing quite a stir, suddenly appearing out of nowhere to take over the world. It has taken the social media sphere by storm, dominating and shaking up the game, as others try to keep up. Although there were a few bumps in the road early on, the overall success of TikTok is undeniable, and its presence is now known by all.

This success of TikTok is due to its lively and engaging design:

fresh content and friendly UI. Primary focusing on the Gen Z market, the app is aesthetically pleasing, incorporating both text, images and videos. It is also designed to make content creation an easy process for users, allowing for quick and effective uploads of content. As a result, the app allows users to naturally interact and engage, as fast as their own tapping fingers will allow.

Furthermore, the content itself on TikTok is unique and unique in comparison to other traditional social media platforms. The ‘vine’ feature allows users to post 15-20 second videos, sync with music, add in SFX and create funny skits and parodies. In addition it is also home to funny pranks, Life Hacks, lip syncing, real life moments and so much more. Characterized as ‘lo-fi’, brief but exciting clips drive the content on this platform. As a result, users can enjoy a fun experience in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as avoiding the overload of more ‘heavy content’ found on other platforms.

On top of this, TikTok is incredibly user friendly, as well as having a great UI for its users to immerse themselves in. Particular functions such as a For You page, randomly generates videos for users, allowing for a personalized experience. It then helps users by introducing them to posts shared by those in the same circle, as well as accounts that align with their interests. In order to make the platform easily accessible, notifications from the app are both on point and up to date. Lastly, autodata comes into play as TikTok analyzes users’ behaviors and serves content based on this, helping in creating an overall well rounded user experience.

The success of TikTok has caused quite a stir in the Social Media world, shaking up the status quo. With its rise, many companies and other platforms have been feeling the pressure and have been forced to play catch up in order to remain competitive. For example, Instagram has thought of new features such as reels, facebook has launched their new stories, and other players such as Reddit have come into the picture in order to gain their share of attention.

A few other platforms have simply caved in and joined forces, partnering with TikTok as a result. In April 2020, Microsoft announced its intentions to purchase the US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand operations of TikTok to help the platform in future endeavours. Other companies such as Google, have responded with similar deals, teaming up with the app to help provide further assistance.

Overall, the success of TikTok has been monumental, causing the platform to be a house hold name for people of all ages. This might be why The Financial Times stated in 2019, that it had been “the world’s most downloaded non-game app for two quarters in a row.” It has definitely made itself known as one of the most popular and successful apps, not just in any one country, but the entire world, shaking up the entire Social Media landscape.


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