Top 10 Remakes of All Time: A Guide to the Best Movie Remakes That You Should Watch Now

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TOP 10 REMAKES OF ALL TIME: A Guide to the Best Movie Remakes That You Should Watch Now

Are you a fan of classic movies? Then you’re in luck, because there are many amazing movie remakes that you should be checking out. Movie remakes have become very popular over the years, with filmmakers taking classic movies and reimagining them in a contemporary style. Movie remakes offer a fresh take on classic themes, stories, and characters – and can be just as entertaining and impactful as the original classics. Here, we’ve rounded up the top 10 movie remakes of all time that you should watch NOW.

1. The Departed (2006): Martin Scorsese remade the Hong Kong classic Infernal Affairs in 2006, and what emerged was The Departed, a classic film in its own right. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, The Departed follows two detectives from very different backgrounds who team-up to take down an Irish mob boss. Although not as gritty as the original, The Departed is an intense crime thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat until the very end.

2. True Grit (2010): The Cohen Brothers remade the 1969 classic True Grit in 2010, with Jeff Bridges taking on the role of the one-eyed U.S. Marshall, and Hailee Steinfeld taking on the role of the young girl who seeks to avenge the murder of her father. True Grit is a masterclass in storytelling and cinematography, utilizing the same cinematographer who worked on the original. The Cohen Brothers spare no expense in crafting an intense, stylish, and ultimately, beautiful story about revenge and justice.

3. Ocean’s Eleven (2001): Director Steven Soderbergh takes the original Ocean’s Eleven from 1960, and updates it with the help of an all-star cast featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. Ocean’s Eleven is a slick, stylish heist movie that follows Danny Ocean and his team of con-artists as they plan an elaborate heist of three Vegas casinos. The movie is an impressive feat of storytelling and editing, with a dizzying number of twists and turns that make it an entertaining ride.

4. The Manchurian Candidate (2004): Jonathan Demme’s remake of the 1962 classic thriller stars Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep. The Manchurian Candidate follows a former Korean War hero who discovers that he has been brainwashed by a sinister corporation. Suspenseful and stylish, The Manchurian Candidate takes the original premise and modernizes it for a more contemporary audience.

5. A Fistful of Dollars (1964): Sergio Leone’s remake of the Japanese classic, Yojimbo, is a spaghetti western classic. Starring Clint Eastwood as the mysterious stranger who finds himself in the middle of a feud between two rival gangs, A Fistful of Dollars is a thrilling and stylish western that was ahead of its time.

6. The Ring (2002): Gore Verbinski’s remake of the 1998 Japanese horror classic, Ringu, and stars Naomi Watts in a chilling and dark performance. Following a reporter investigating a series of creepy and mysterious deaths, The Ring is one of the scariest horror movies of all time.

7. The Thing (1982): Director John Carpenter remade Howard Hawks’ original 1951 sci-fi horror, The Thing from Another World. The Thing follows a team of researchers isolated in the Arctic who discover an alien lifeform that has the ability to copy human forms perfectly. The movie is an intense and claustrophobic experience, featuring groundbreaking special effects and an incredible score from Carpenter himself.

8. Dawn of the Dead (2004): Zack Snyder took the original 1978 classic, directed by George Romero, and gave it an intense update in 2004 with Dawn of the Dead. Following a group of survivors running from a zombie apocalypse, Dawn of the Dead is an intense horror movie that meshes the horror themes from the original with the slick style of Snyder.

9. Evil Dead (2013): Director Fede Alvarez remade Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic in 2013, and the result was an intense and thrilling horror movie. Starring Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez, Evil Dead follows a group of friends who stumble upon the Book of the Dead in an old abandoned cabin and unleash the evil demons inside. The special effects and make-up in this movie are spectacular and offer a unique experience that stays true to the original while also bringing something new to the table.

10. Scarface (1983): Director Brian De Palma remade the 1932 classic in 1983, starring Al Pacino in the iconic role of Tony Montana. Scarface is a powerful crime thriller that follows Montana’s rags to riches story

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