11 Halloween Costumes Inspired By TikTok Trends

4- The Backyardigans


one thing the Backyardigans didn’t do is play

♬ Castaways – The Backyardigans

Much like the Twilight renaissance of 2021, the Backyardigans comeback was a bit unexpected. But, as many TikTokers have pointed out through the viral revival of their song “Castaways,” it’s about time that the internet appreciate the musical genius of the animated quintet. For Uniqua, wear a pair of pink overalls with pipe cleaner antennas. For Pablo, find a spinner hat and blue bowtie. For Tyrone, wear a blue and orange striped shirt and antlers. For Austin, wear a blue and yellow striped shirt with kangaroo ears. For Tasha, find a pair of hippo or mouse ears and an orange dress.

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