How Does Couples Therapy Work? and Do You Need It?

It Saves You Time

Most couples therapists have seen and heard it all, from the littlest problems to the foremost pressing relationship issues. Therefore, they’re prepared with methods to assist you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Attempting to unravel issues on your own is probably going to be longer consuming, as you’ll got to find out what works as you go along.

You’ll Know The Answers

Sometimes, therapy will show you that you’re truly meant to be together with your partner. Other times, it’ll indicate that your relationship isn’t right for either or both of you. Either way, couples therapy helps you answer important questions on the health of your relationship, resulting in greater fulfillment within the future .

Couples Therapy Techniques

Most couples therapy centers on increasing effective communication and strengthening attachment bonds. for instance , emotionally focused therapy (EFT) uses knowledge of adult attachment and bonding to guide therapists in helping couples. EFT therapists help couples assess and strengthen their emotional responses, interactions, and bonds. This therapy helps couples come to peace with the past and move forward into the longer term .

Other couples therapy modalities include:

  • Gottman Method: This approach helps couples increase their overall closeness, respect, and affection through “love maps.”
  • Narrative Therapy: Couples identify and name their internalized issues, which may then be viewed from multiple angles and worked with constructively.
  • Positive Psychology: Therapists use this method to stress the positive aspects of relationships, increasing happiness.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy: This method-combines behavioral and spiritual techniques, posing inquiries to couples like “Why did you select your partner?”

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