The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bra

Other things to pay attention to

When you’re deciding whether or not to buy a bra with a busk, remember that if you’re a C cup or larger, a little extra support won’t do you any harm.

If the shoulder straps on your bra keep falling down, try using a special fastener that joins them at your back.

If you can’t work out your size, you can always just take a bra with a larger cup size to a seamstress and ask them to shorten the base band.

If you have different-sized breasts, try wearing a classic design with molded cups that can hide the difference between them. Alternatively, try a push-up bra, and place a silicone or foam insert into the smaller cup (they’re often given out for free in shops).

If you have a wide back and a small bust, concentrate on getting the cup size correct – you can allow the baseband to be a little small. All you need to do here is buy a bra extender and the problem is solved.

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