Doctors Quarantine Man’s House Because Of A Rock He Found

Ideas Forming

He decided to turn to a community group on Facebook. Posting a picture of the “rock” online, the post was soon flooded with comments to read. Just wait till you see what happened next.

Could It Be A Meteor?

People were quick to respond, and many had very farfetched ideas. Some people speculated that it was a piece of volcanic rock that originated deep in the ocean. Others claimed it looked like a meteor.

The Possibilities Were Endless

One amateur meteorologist quickly suggested that Steven try the “magnet test” to find out for sure. This guy was convinced that he was right, but it turned out that they were all very wrong…


“It feels like a rock-hard rubber ball, its texture is like wax, like a candle. When you touch it, you get wax sticking to your fingers,” Steven explained later in an interview. What could this be?

Panic Levels High

However, what was it about the strange “rock” that would cause such a stir in the Whitten home? After Steven held the object against a magnet, he knew it was finally time to panic. We are starting to get nervous too…

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