Doctors Quarantine Man’s House Because Of A Rock He Found

Taking A Chance

Well, this couple was not going to give up just yet. Like, we said, they always wanted to strike rich and there was a chance that this find could be valuable. So they took their chances. They hoped it would be worth a lot of money and help them buy a static caravan

Taking It Home

He picked up the rock and wrapped it in Viola’s scarf. He wanted to make sure it stayed safe. He did not want anyone to see what he had found. Steven couldn’t wait to go online and find out if his suspicions were true.

Getting Help

As soon as they got home, Steven used his fisherman’s scales to weigh the bizarre lump. The reading said 3.5 pounds, which excited him and his wife. He knew that he needed some help if he was going to get to the bottom of this.

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