Doctors Quarantine Man’s House Because Of A Rock He Found


Two officials arrived at the house and cordoned it off right away. Then, they went inside to dispose of the substance safely while Steven and Viola stood outside giving them instructions. They waited patiently.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

The so-called “rock” that they found was stationed inside a box on the dining room table. After careful examination, the officials came back out and gave the frightened couple the news. This was completely shocking.

At A Loss

Steven held his wife close as he waited patiently to try and understand what the mystery was all about. He couldn’t help but think the worst. The “rock” was so strange looking and the expressions on the officials did not make it any easier for him.

True Identity

When the officials told Steven that the item he picked up wasn’t hazardous, he breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t a piece of waste that was tossed on the beach. However, when the officials told him what the “rock” actually was, his eyes widened in shock. They told him that while they’re extremely rare, hunks of ambergris wash up on the shore occasionally. What is ambergris?


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