Doctors Quarantine Man’s House Because Of A Rock He Found


Steven reached out, touching the rock gingerly. He had read about weird beach finds in the past, especially in the area. However, he’d never heard of anything like this being found. His curiosity had piqued.

Distinct Odor

He examined the smell but concluded that he had never experienced anything like it before. The small was so terrible, but also very distinct. “It was like a cross between squid and farmyard manure,” he said.


The couple always dreamed of the day that they would strike gold and become rich. Maybe that day wasn’t too far off. What began as a normal day, changed completely and they never even saw it coming.

The Next Step

The couple pondered what to do with the rock. Would they leave it there because of its horrific odor or would they take it home? This was not an easy decision. Hmm, what do you think they decided to do?

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