Doctors Quarantine Man’s House Because Of A Rock He Found

Staying Cautious

At this point, he was a bit nervous to continue. It was him and his wife experimenting with an unknown rock they found on the beach. They had no clue whether it was dangerous and could harm them in any way. He had to be careful.

What Is The Magnet Test?

The magnet test is the best way to test if something is authentic gold. Fake gold will always attract magnets. The use of the magnet allows people to uncover the actual material that they have discovered.

Phone Call

The “magnet test” had confirmed that the “rock” didn’t contain any iron. So what does this mean? This meant that it was not a meteorite. Steven has yet to find an explanation for the object’s foul smell.

Things Were Picking Up

He concluded that he had no idea what he was handling. He didn’t even know if it was dangerous. And so, he made a quick phone call. Then, the men in protective suits arrived at his house.

Seeking Experts

At this point, it was clear that he did not know what he was dealing with. While people online certainly helped, this was something out of his control. He needed to request the help of experts, and that is actually what he did. But what till you see what happened next.

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