30 garden ideas to transform your outdoor space in no time

  1. Choose seating that swings
Double swing seat on wooden decking

With space for not one but two people to relax into, this hanging chair can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. It makes a relaxed style statement whatever the weather, especially when you add on-trend faux furs and tufted cushions for extra comfort.

  1. Plant herbs or bulbs in jars and tins
Recycled planters on white stones

Why spend a fortune on planters when you could create a pretty display with recycled jam jars and food tins. Just be careful to sand down any sharp edges for you pot them up. Just remember to place a layer of stones at the base of the jars, and pop holes in the bottom of the tins for drainage.

  1. Paint the shed
Green painted shed in garden with white bunting and flowers

A pretty potting shed or smart summerhouse can be the focal point of any garden, but a shabby one can really spoil the view. Cheer up an outhouse with a fresh lick of exterior paint – we’d choose a sage green, deep blue, or charcoal grey.

  1. Tidy up the lawn with hidden edging
Exterior of house with thatched detailing and neat lawn

A neat edge will keep your garden looking tidy. Molded plastic edging, hidden in the earth keeps grass and weeds away from your beds, and brick or stone edging helps to frame your lawn – it’s available at all good DIY stores and garden centers. Your friends will wonder how you did it!

Putting a border edging around your lawn keeps invasive plants where they belong and stops soil or mulch from spilling onto the grass.

  1. Create a cooking corner
Grey outdoor kitchen and barbecue area

If you love entertaining an outdoor barbecue area is a must and doesn’t have to be expensive. A built-in brick bbq looks professional and blends into the surroundings well. Bring the feel of the kitchen outside by fixing utensil shelves and spice racks to a wall.

  1. Treat fences to a new look
Picket fence painted in shades of blue and green

Garden fence ideas can be a fantastic opportunity for you to express your creativity. For a contemporary look, paint stripes in complementary colors. Not only will you be adding valuable protection, but you’ll also be making an artistic statement.

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